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About baraminco

Baraminco is a trading company. It operates in the commercial, industrial, agricultural, and animal feed supplement sectors. The company was founded under the name “Baraminco Trading L.L.C” in Dubai, UAE. The company has continued to expand its operations in the region since then. The company is committed to fostering innovation and development, as well as becoming a leader in effecting positive change for a more developed future. The main activities of the company are production and distribution, sale and purchase, export and import, packaging, and carrying out any authorized activity in various fields.

Our mission is to be the Middle East’s benchmark supplier in the retail and wholesale markets by ensuring the long-term availability of products at competitive prices through the efficient use of resources.

Baraminco aims to serve the region by providing high-quality products to its market. Our vision also includes reinvesting the company’s profits in the region to further develop novel technologies, industries, animal feed supplements, agriculture, and medical sectors. The following activities are described in greater detail:

About baraminco
  1. Agriculture; Fertilizers and pesticides, seeds and processing industries, equipment for creating trial farms and agro-industry, and laboratory establishment
  2. Medical science; Medicines, vaccines, supplements, adjuvants
  3. Establishment of a pharmaceutical factory, specialized laboratories, and hospital
  4. Livestock, poultry, and aquaculture; Feed, feed supplements, vaccines, vaccine adjuvants
  5. Chemicals of petroleum, gas, and petrochemical; Catalysts, fuel, exploration and extraction, and establishment of a refinery
  6. Mines; Exploration, extraction, and processing of all kinds of minerals and ornamental stones
  7. Construction industry
  8. Electronic industry

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