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With more than 60 million horses in the world, horse raising industry has an annual turnover of approximately $300 billion. The USA, China, Mexico and Brazil have the largest number of horses in the world. Horses can be categorized by their types of function (draft, race, show jumping, etc.), breed, profile and weight. One building block of this industry is indeed the horses’ feed that directly affects their elegance, health, strength, endurance, freshness and finally their price. As a result of this, there are various supplements on the market, each impacting the prices of horses by targeting each parameter separately. If one supplement concurrently improves a number of parameters, it can be recognized as an ideal supplement with profound effects on horses. Micronutrients play a crucial role in the diet of horses, in a way that the lack of each element can adversely affect the overall wellness and performance of horses. Currently, there are various supplements available to supply micronutrients, such as mineral and chelated supplements (mostly amino acids). The absorption rate of chelated supplements is higher than that of mineral supplements, yet their cost-effectiveness and efficiency are still problematic.

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Relying on the results of various research proven, scientific studies and experiments and also in view of the market need, a unique product as a high-tech equine supplement is produced for the first time in the world. The technology used in the production of this supplement is patented in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This supplement contains 8 nutrients of copper, zinc, selenium, iron, chromium, cobalt, manganese and magnesium in chelated form and guaranteed doses.

This high-tech aquaculture chelated mineral supplement can be either dissolved in water or mixed with feed with substantial improvements in growth, elegance and health. Supplementing the horses’ diet with this supplement eliminates or reduces the need for antibiotics and medications on farms. This supplement also accelerates growth rate and bone development, so foals become nimble and well-built in a short period of time. Feeding mares with this supplement minimizes pregnancy and foaling problems (such as miscarriage & difficult foaling) which leads to the birth of healthy foals. Overall, adding this supplement to the horses’ diet will lead to improvement in the well-being, growth, elegance, endurance and nimbleness of horses, reduction of the need for medications & antibiotics and remarkable improvement of foaling process. Therefore, using this supplement will minimize overall cost and maximize profitability on horse farms.


Copper Zinc Manganese Cobalt Selenium Chromium Iron Magnesium
10000 40000 40000 250 200 100 25000 20000
ppm (in chelated form)

Direction for Use

This high-tech equine chelated mineral supplement is an additive that can be added to feed according to the table of instruction. Doing so, there is no need to change the ingredients of the diet or other common mineral-based supplements. This supplement should be mixed with feed / concentrate or dissolved in water / milk in one meal once a day according the body weight. It is essential to wet the feed slightly before mixing it with the supplement, so it sticks to the feed and is not wasted. This supplement can be easily dissolved in water, but this method is not recommended as the supplement is largely wasted this way (unless a syringe is used).

Daily Consumption Dose per Horse as an Additive (On Top)
Body Weight (kg) Dose (g) Body Weight (kg) Dose (g)
Under 70 1 350-400 4.5
70-100 1.5 400-450 5
100-150 2 450-500 5.5
150-200 2.5 500-550 6
200-250 3 550-600 6.5
250-300 3.5 600-650 7
300-350 4 650-700 7.5
For low-performance heavy horses, the consumption dose is reduced by about 50%.


Additional Information


  • ✔Do not use other organic micronutrient supplements (such as amino acid, peptide, hydroxy analogue, polysaccharide or yeast-based chelates) along with this supplement in diets.


  • ✔ 0.5 and 1kg plastic jars


✔Make sure to close the container after each use. Keep out of reach of children, away from direct sunlight, in a dry place, at room temperature and in the original container. Protect it from freezing.

  • ✔The expiration date is 2 years after production if the container remains closed, and 12 months after it is opened.

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